Timo Tschammler

I am the founder and managing partner of TwainTowers, and I would like to take the opportunity here to introduce myself.

25 Years’ Experience

I look back at almost 25 years of experience in the German and European real estate markets, and on a passionate corporate career at leading international real estate advisory companies. My operative roots lie in the area of investment transactions. Early in my career, I took on personnel and team responsibilities; then, I moved up to varying national and international management and board positions, for which I spent several years in Paris and London. This includes my local roles since having returned to Germany in 2009; twice, I took on CEO roles, assuming responsibility for German national subsidiaries.

At the peak of my corporate career, I was responsible for over 1,000 employees, an annual turnover of more several 100 million Euro, investment transactions with an annual volume of up to 10 billion Euro, and 500 leasing transactions with take-up of 600,000 square meters per year.

Over the years, my management expertise broadened, and in addition to extensive deal experience, I leveraged learning opportunities, such as turnaround management during the global financial crisis, diverse professionalization, rapid growth phases in complex matrix structures, and restructuring and digitalisation projects.


A new chapter

Having acquired increasing responsibility over time, the feeling of routine began to grow at the same time I experienced financial freedom. Eventually, the desire for a new professional chapter that included self-dependence and autonomy emerged. In 2008, I have founded London Gate Wealth Management and, starting in October 2020, a non-executive and consultancy company in the shape of TwainTowers.

Approach and references

When people ask me what personal characteristics distinguish me the most, the word „authenticity“ always comes first and foremost to my mind. I am proud of my moral compass and reputation in various areas of the real estate industry. I am known for being trustworthy, serious, assertive, and having a highly dependable network.

However, I feel it is better when others offer their own testimony of me, which you can find under the categories Boards & Counsel. You can find my full curriculum vitae here.