TwainTowers – Boards & Counsel

For centuries, towers, which are built with human effort, have fulfilled important roles and functions. Not only do they offer clear vision, but they also stand for vigilance, protection and orientation. Furthermore, they symbolise both advancement and elevation. Indeed, to this day, towers confer a high degree of recognition to a city and its landscape. Twain is Old English for two, and these two towers symbolise TwainTowers’ two areas of expertise and service - Boards & Counsel.

Boards – Stability and Protection

Like a defence tower that is anchored to a rock, TwainTowers provides companies with support and assistance in shaping strategy. In times of uncertainty and risk, TwainTowers stands alongside clients, providing protection through its wealth of experience and acumen.


Counsel – Orientation and Vision

A lighthouse is a navigational guide for those at sea - especially in times of poor visibility. TwainTowers helps its clients navigate their growth by leveraging comprehensive market knowledge and a robust network with integrity. As an external consultant, TwainTowers also takes responsibility for their clients' success.


TwainTowers provides services to national and international real estate professionals of every shape and form, and at all company stages: from start-ups, SMEs with ambitious growth objectives, those who aspire to institutionalise, to established companies.



No conflict of interest

With integrity


1 mandate per sector or asset class

C-level network